Why do I need a Realtor to sell my house?

People always ask me; "have you been very busy"?  In the wonderful world of real estate, you get to set your pace at a level that is comfortable for you.  So the long and the short of it is...  I've been SWAMPED!  Gone are the days when summertime was downtime for real estate transactions in Florida.  If you list them, they will sell; that is if it is priced correctly.  

I think the hardest thing for people to do is to let go and let US do our job.  We run market reports and analysis almost daily.  We know what is moving and what is stagnant.  For those that feel like they have bought and sold several homes so they can sell it on their own, let me throw out this scenario.  Johnny and Joanie have a home to sell.  They have lived in the home for 20 years, raised their children here and now are ready to downsize or move into a condominium.  So far, this all sounds amazing!  Then Johnny doesn't approach his longtime friend, Bonnie the Realtor.  Instead, he feels like he knows enough to put it on the market himself saving him thousands of dollars.  Do you pull out your wisdom teeth by yourself because you've pulled most of your baby teeth on your own?  Do you take your transmission apart to fix it? After all, you've owned many cars, right?  The same thought process must go through people's minds when they think they can sell their home on their own.  Some do and are very successful.  

On the flip side - think about this.  Every single time you leave your home, it is no longer on the market.  You can't show it 24/7, but people will call you or stop by at all hours, leaving you very little private life.  Then there is the security factor.  If Johnny goes away for a weekend with his buddies on a golf trip and Joanie stay's home, will they be comfortable having Joanie open the door to strangers AND taking them on a tour of their home with no one else there?  Probably didn't think this through now, did they? 

Let us do our jobs and walk you through the process, either hold your hand or tell you to just let go and let the professionals do the talking.  We cover all of the legalities of paperwork; contracts, addendums, amendments, signing, then striking out, getting initials where needed.  We direct you to the title company for escrow deposit (earnest money for you in the north), schedule inspections, coordinate responses to said inspections, assist through the lending process by communicating directly to the underwriters and processors to ensure a smooth transaction.  We are in the midst of dealing with the title company, estoppel letters, HOA documentation, Condominium info, taxes, insurance and appraiser... so everyone can sleep at night knowing that it's all being taken care of.  Imagine having a full-time job AND trying to sell your home by yourself.  

So much for people thinking our profession is a cush one.  Every Saturday and Sunday conducting business while everyone else is on the boat or at the pool.  We do what we do, so you can do what you want to do.  Learn to lean, it's going to be okay.

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